Hello everyone.
I am a painter and illustrator living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love nature, and storytelling and have only wanted to be an artist. 

My work is rich in form and texture and grounded in technique without becoming stiff. Rather than focusing on realism, I try to think about believability. I am selective and precise in those details I do include and stay away from including details that, although accurate, may not add to the piece of art as a whole.

Drawing was my first love and has remained a constant companion and source of stability as I explore other mediums. My most recent pastel drawings are a combination of animal "portraits" and 19th Century inspired wildlife illustrations. I want my drawings to be accurate but also playful and true to the character of my subjects.

I started painting in high school and painting quickly was most natural to me. While in college, I embraced oils and developed a loose, vibrant style. Junior year of college I was fortunate to study art in Florence, Italy where art history is omnipresent and influential pieces like Donatello's David and Botticelli's Primavera were at my fingertips. 

Enjoy exploring my site, and please contact me with any questions or comments.